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Did You Know?

  • That most puppies learn fear of new people, other animals, and surroundings when not properly socialized before four months of age.
  • That a lot of destructive behaviors in the house are due to boredom and excess energy.
  • That dogs can live within a group of dogs at home, and not be a socialized with dogs outside the home.
  • That puppy mouthing and barking are behaviors that can be addressed with in a group setting.

Doggie Daycare is So Much Fun!!WNW-selects-200

7,000 square feet of OUTDOOR fun!

Whether chasing, playing tug with each other or just hanging out with their buddies, dogs
of all ages will feel right at home in our huge backyard.

Your dog is never alone

Woofs ‘n Whiskers doggie day care is the best worry-free alternative to leaving your dog alone at home. All dogs are continuously supervised by our friendly and highly-trained team.

Rain or shine

Your dog is certain to have a fun-filled day of activities, attention and companionship. Each and every one of our day care guests is treated just like family.

Doggie Daycare is So Much Fun!!

Too often time commitments make it almost impossible for a pet owner to provide a daily walk, some exercise time or a real socialization experience for their pet. Many pets who are well behaved when their owner is home become mischievous while they are gone. If you’ve ever come home to chewed furniture, shredded carpet, or housebreaking surprises…your pet may be the perfect candidate for Doggie Daycare!

When you walk in the door after a hard day at work, does your pet demand your attention and not give you a moments rest? Your dog may be trying to tell you, “I’m bored!” Without something constructive to do when you leave home, your furry friend will eventually find some source of entertainment. And odds are, it won’t be something that is very entertaining to you!

To Start Off Right…Something Free!

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OR: Take a look at the world-class facilities that is just waiting to make every day a fun filled playtime for your dog!

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