Janice and Buster

Janice and Buster

They were perfect for each other, Buster provided her with unconditional love and she gave him that forever home he so longed for. Janice working 40 hours a week could only give Buster her full attention after the long days work. She started to limit their walks and play sessions and replaced them with treats and cuddled time. Soon Janice started to feel as though she wasn’t giving Buster enough exercise during the day.

After a while Busters demeanor change when he was left home alone. He would protest by tearing up the garbage, chewing on furniture, and wildly barking at people passing by the house. Janice became frustrated because she only wanted to do what was best for Buster .He was such a good dog, why was he so unhappy? Little did she know that help was just around the corner…

Did You Know?

  • That most puppies learn fear of new people, other animals, and surroundings when not properly socialized at an early age.
  • That a lot of destructive behaviors in the house are due to boredom and excess energy.
  • That dogs can live within a group of dogs at home, but not be well socialized with dogs outside the home.
  • That puppy mouthing and barking are behaviors that can be addressed within a group setting.


How we can help you inspire a happy, well-behaved dog?

WNW-selects-105We add value to our daycare by not only appealing to your dog’s playful side but also by incorporating an element of education. Our guests are separated into groups based on size, age, temperament and activity level. These groups rotate throughout the day into the backyard where the team keeps a close eye on them and interacts with them. Our high-energy playgroups are meant to expend energy while developing social skills. The lessons are learned through monitored play with other socialized dogs.

For the safety and comfort of all of our canine guests, we require that our dog daycare attendees are first evaluated for health and temperament. We will make sure your furry loved one is placed in the environment most appropriate for him where he will thoroughly enjoy his stay.

They will LOVE you for it!


We’ll make sure that your pooch is happy and tuckered out by pick up time. You can enjoy peaking into their day and scoping out the fun they had by checking out the pictures and videos posted on FaceBook.

Well, why wait? Join us today!
We are the play experts that your dog will love spending the day with. Structured group settings are a great way to address undesirable behaviors like barking, jumping, chewing, and tearing the house apart.

Features of our Daycare:

Arturo DogsWe know that boredom and excess energy are the foremost contributing factors to compulsive and destructive behaviors such as barking, licking, separation anxiety and increased prey drive, just to name a few. Interactive play provides the perfect balance of socialization and exercise to keep your dog’s mind and body fit, leading to a happier, healthier, better behaving pet. That’s why our guests enjoy their time at Woofs ‘n Whiskers.

Professional and Certified Staff

  • All dogs are friendly, well-socialized and have completed a trial day of daycare
  • Dogs are separated into large dog and small dog playgroups
  • 7,000 sq feet of K9 Grass to romp around on under strict staff supervision
  • Dogs enjoy nap time time from 1-2pm daily
  • All inside and outside areas are clean, hygienic and good smelling


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