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Woofs ‘n Whiskers offers 7,000 square feet of romping backyard space and spacious accommodations featuring all the comforts of home. From meals, activities, sleeping arrangements and a bed time treat, your pet may enjoy your time away more than you do!



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  • Where will my dog stay?

    Every pooch has an roomy, individual space to call his or her own. That is where all bedding, toys and creature comforts reside. They dine, nap, and sleep in their own space. Families with similar size and temperament “siblings” may room together.

  • How often will my dog be outside?

    All dogs go out 4 times per day for 45 to 90 minutes at a time. Their schedule is determined by the play session, the number of guests, the weather and your dog’s proclivities and/or inclinations.

  • What will my dog eat?

    You can bring your own food, preferably individually prebagged, and we will happily serve it to order. This is ideal for pups with sensitive tummies! Our house food for dogs is Fromm Gold Holistic Adult Dry Dog Food.

  • Will my dog be allowed to interact with other dogs?

    All dogs must be socialized and are temperament tested during their evaluation day of daycare. There is a trained kennel team supervising play at all times.

  • What happens if there's an emergency?

    We strictly track all interactions with your dog…feeding, eliminations, activities, and injuries. Depending on the severity of the situation we will contact you or your emergency contact, as necessary.

I was thrilled to see Arturo last night!!!  Made my day!!!!  I was very happy to hear about the new location for W&W. Wow! It has been quite a year for you all! I wish you the best and think of you more than you know. You folks were so wonderful to us and to Cleo. We love you for that. Love to you all .Claire


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