Robbie & Chulo

The Story of “Puppy Chulo” in Robbie’s Words

“Nine and a half years ago I was taking my dog, Cookie, for swim therapy.  Cookie had suffered from a neurological disorder that affected his balance — he could no longer sit, stand, or walk without assistance.  Holding him in the pool while he kicked was the only exercise he was capable of. It proved to be a fun time for us every Saturday morning.  We did it almost every weekend for the last couple of years of his life.

About a year before he died, we were doing our regular Saturday morning routine when I noticed an adorable puppy on the pool deck, half walking, half dragging his hind quarters behind him.  His foster mom told me he’d been beaten, his hips broken, and was dropped off at a shelter in New Jersey.  The dog was seriously cute — the coat of a jersey cow and the ears of a fruit bat.  He seemed happy and was doing his best to run around.  He was adorable and pathetic, two big triggers of mine.  I ignored him.

After seeing him for a few weeks in a row, his foster mom told me I wouldn’t be seeing him again — she had to give him back to the shelter.  She was holding the dog in her arms.  I looked at her … I looked at the dog … the dog looked at me, cocked his head, and…rsz puppy chulo 008-1

Later on in the car on the way home, I warned him: ‘You have one week to make this work.  You have to like Cookie; he’s old and sick.  You have to like the cat.  She will hate you but you have to like her anyway.  One week.  Do you understand?’

I don’t think I was kidding anybody but myself.

I mean, who could resist him?

I named him Chulo, or more properly “Puppy Chulo,” a pun on the Spanish “Papi Chulo,” meaning “big sexy guy.”  It is an ironic name, since he’s neither big nor particularly sexy.

I cannot remember who recommended Woofs ‘n Whiskers to me originally (I think it might have been Hope Vet on Atlantic Avenue) but I started bringing Chulo to them as soon as I needed to leave town.

He is a great dog, really, fundamentally loving and clownish and happy. But, he has had his issues, stemming from the horrific abuse he must have suffered when he was just a pup.  Woofs ‘n Whiskers could have told me, with good reason, that they could not or would not handle him.  But, like me, they refused to give up on him.  They accept him with all his issues.  All of the staff there, in particular Lucas, have proven to be nothing but open-hearted, understanding, and skillful.  Chulo loves going there.  There’s never any resistance or shyness on his part when he walks in the door and he goes trustingly with anyone that takes him out back.  Danielle and I have shared many a tearful hug — I am grateful and relieved beyond measure that Chulo has a place to go where he feels at home, loved, and accepted.  Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without Woofs ‘n Whiskers.  I’m glad I don’t have to think about it.”

Chulo in Danielle’s Words

Dvorkin, ChuloChulo is a very special dog, who has found a very special owner. While Chulo has aged significantly since that Saturday in the pool, he is still a loving and happy dog. He brings a smile to my face whenever I seem his swagger into Woofs ‘n Whiskers.

Chulo takes a little extra time getting up and moving around these days. We have seen him through his puppy snapping phase, supported him with his raw diet requirements and help him whenever his hind legs get tangled up, as they are wont to do every once in a while, a hold over from his long ago broken hips. It has been always been and continues to be an honor to be part of his life and Robbie’s.

Thank you Robbie for being such a kind, open-minded, big-hearted person to take on a special dog, like Chulo. Thank you for allowing the Woofs ‘n Whiskers family to take care of Chulo when you are away.

For all the “Puppy Chulos” out there!

It is always Woofs ‘n Whiskers’ goal to meet each guest’s needs on every level. Whether it’s a puppy that needs to learn his/her manners or a geriatric cat that needs to follow a strict routine, we do everything that we can to make it happen. We want to make sure that every guest’s health, happiness and safety needs are met. We do so through our commitment to continuing education, training and holding ourselves accountable.

Consistency and Expert Care…

WNW-selects-197At Woofs ‘n Whiskers we are here to support the vital relationship between pet and owner. We understand the feelings of guilt about heading out of town and leaving your four-legged loved ones behind. We want you to be able to confidently leave your pet in our care, knowing that we have your pet’s best interest in mind. Our team offers more than just care, we truly love animals and it shows in everything we do and every decision we make.



Love this place! Having been bringing my two dogs there for a while now and they love it there. The outdoor space is amazing and they are great caretakers. Danielle and Arturo have been fantastic to deal with and Justine is the best groomer I've ever used. Sue


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